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Stamina Templar PvP Build

Hello all, today im just going to quickly run through my build with you all, so i hope you's enjoy :)


Yes, i am running v14 gear and yes this is still very very viable, i personally think skirmisher is a really really good set and can still preform really well, yes you will lose out on abit of stats, but not much at all
Okay so buffed with rally and a dodge roll my weapon damage sits at 4121 witch is great (I have 75 champion points into tumbling to cover the costs), i am a bosmer, using the serpent, plus a bloodspawn helm my regen sits at around 1.4k witch is can get tough at times, but is still doable and still works :)
You could use Max health and Stamina regen foods, witch will give you 26k stamina and alot more regen, but this is a High burst build, so having that high max stat really is a must (note, i am missing out on my last robust ring, witch will add some more stamina, plus when i can get them, a heavy bloodspawn helm and a light Molag kena shoulders both infused, My stamina pool will be fairly higher)
I run my 3 pieces of agility with all weapon damage, and i run Random Weapons, Maelstrom Sharpened greatsword and Weighted bow will be in this build once i get them done.

I currently have 50 points into resistant witch i will possibly be changing in the future, With stamina cost reduction, 15 points witch leads to having 5% cost reduction is really a must

Skills really is up to you, but ill just tell you what i personally like to run with

Crit rush, executioner, Repentance, Vigor, Rally - Flawless dawnbreaker
Channeled focus, Poison inject- Binding javelin, Purifying ritual, Elusive Mist - Invisi bats
(Note, if you swapped Binding javelin with Vigor, your crit rush would deal an extra 10%)

Hope you guys enjoy :)
Guild of Shadows - Legend
Templar op, Critrush op, Life op
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