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Black Spiral Dancers [EP/NA]

Soul Shriven
We are the Black Spiral Dancers an Ebonheart Pact guild located on the Playstation 4 North American Megaserver. We are a casual guild geared more toward aiding other players, new or seasoned, with tasks such as questing, crafting, PvE & PvP content, & achievement hunting

Currently, we are looking for high level players who are interested in doing the Craglorn Trials. With the new trial coming out relatively soon, we'd like to get a solid group of players together who are willing to work together in this environment. We are in need of HEALERS

With joining the Black Spiral Dancers, you can expect to be apart of a very active, friendly guild with great members working in unison with one another. We do not have a guild trader, nor do we intend on obtaining one. However, we do have members who use various mediums in order to sell items guild members wish to get rid of.

If you are interested, sign-up to the website listed above (not required) and drop us a line. You can also message MoultonMagma, PurgeTheWorld, Popper1982, CelestialDecay or Martismo on PSN to inquire about a guild invite.
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