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LF active trading guild

Hi folks,

I used to play ESO on my PS4, but I recently switched to PC.

I'm looking for an active trading guild.

I'm willing to contribute as much as I can.

My gamertag is @BertRoofthooft

Ty in advance and greetings
  • Kukesh
    Hi there,

    Still looking for a guild?
    We just opened the Guild Store :-)

    At the moment 65 active players, but we want to expand the Guild and the trading.
    Also running MasterMerchant to check trading with other Guilds.

    Let me know if you want to join.
    You can whisper or e-mail me in-game @DeRaaf.NL

    De Raaf

  • Idrisa
    Heya! check, we're 2 years old and rocking, click Join Us and read the rules, join if you like ;)
    Kill well! And often!
    Leader and Founder of Inside Trade.
  • qingshang
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