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[PS4][NA][EP] LFG New endgame PvE social guild recruiting veteran level players

Soul Shriven
We are new guild looking for more players who are active and looking for people to group with for endgame PvE activities.

Our goal is to have weekly guild events such as Trial runs, Imperial Sewers farming, Zone Clearing for skyshards and lorebooks and more...

Guild bank access is given to all members who are in the rank of Trusted Member.
To get to the rank of Trusted Member you have to be in the guild for at least one week and participate in an event or group with someone already in the rank of Trusted Member.

If you are interested in joining please message us through PSN at:
PSN: LonelyBox
PSN: rarabobo98
  • bigboss07
    big_boss07 send me a message on psn. I can fill any role.
  • YukiTsunemori
    Soul Shriven
    Bump :3
    The Best Where The Worst
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