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[PC - EU - EP] Tribe of Inqu'Eksith Hist'qe {RP}

The Tribe of Inqu'Eksith Hist'qe is a semi-casual Roleplaying Guild revolving around Black Marsh. Our community is settled in the village of Percolating Mire and this brings many interesting opportunities.

Inqu'Eksith Hist'qe may be translated literally to Eternal Home from Jel and gives a good indication of what the Tribe is particularly about. We are best described as secluded, curious and devout. Our Gods are not those of Men and Mer, but the omnipresent consciousness of the Hist and Lord of the Void, Sithis. Religion is obviously a prominent part of Eternal Home and theologists interested in these two 'deities' are welcomed with open arms. Eternal Home is not only a spiritual Tribe. Although the study and worship of the Hist and Sithis are highly encouraged, the Tribe is self-sufficient due an efficient spread of roles.

New members are given the title Hatchling. Hatchlings are new members of the guild whose path is not clear yet. This can be players and characters of any level. They will get an introduction to the tribe, a tour and an invitation for the first trial. They can partake in the trial whenever they feel they are ready.

There are three major role-groups acting as distinguishing lables for the function that has been given to a member. A member has the choice to join one of the groups after passing the first trial, which I will get to later. The first group is one that focusses on the supply of food, building materials and the communication with other Tribes and/or Guilds. Members in the first rank of this group are called Prowlers. Prowlers are educated to maintain professional and on-level contact with allies or rivals. Besides being diplomatic, they learn how to put the jungle of Black Marsh to best use by improving their hunting and gathering skills. Prowlers are also the first that get in contact with outsiders, so this role should not be underestimated.

The second role group is devoted to the study and worship of the Hist and Sithis, but also to increase their knowledge of Magicka and Alchemy. These are the healers and magicians of Eternal Home. Upon choosing this role you will be titled a Student of the Hist and thereby choose a road of increasing your knowledge and having expeditions, to ultimately become a Tree-Minder. Tree-Minders have the highest responsibility after the Chieftain.

The third and last role group is interesting for those we can abide rules strictly, enforce those rules if commanded and like to give their membership of the tribe a little more 'kick'. Preservers are those that undergo rigorous physical training to perfect their skills in armed and hand-to-hand combat. Beside this training, they are also taught to solve disputes and act as fair judges. This group exists to maintain order and structure inside the Tribe. Preservers grow out to Castigators, who are captains of the guard and are responsible for the protection of all members.

Hopefully this image clarifies the whole ranking system of Eternal Home:


The green boxes represent the role. The smaller boxes covering the green ones are the requisites you need to meet before you can advance into this role. It's the same as any RPG game system, really. But once you have chosen a role, you cannot back out of it. Unless you have a really, really good reason!

The 1st trial (Also initiation trial):
The first trial is all about the knowing the basics of Argonian culture, proving one’s worth to the tribe and showing the ability to take care of yourself. The test consists of three parts, involving knowledge, faith and strength. Knowledge is the first part. A candidate’s knowledge of the Argonian culture, the Hist and Argonia will be questioned. This will give an indication of what can still be improved and what is already steady. No in-depth here, that’s for the Students. These questions will be asked in the Chieftain’s shack. The second part involves the candidate’s crafting skills. It is asked of them to craft a weapon of choice in the style of Argonian, Primal or Barbarian. This weapon will be a key feature later on. In addition, this weapon may only be crafted of materials found in or around the village of Percolating Mire. This weapon may be imbued with enchantments, fortified with alchemical goods or decorated with gemstones, but no items from outside Shadowfen may be used. The third and final part of the first trial is about the connection with the Hist. Through a ritual a candidate will be cleansed and purified before they are initiated into the tribe. The ritual commences in the town’s Xanmeer.

The Chieftain or, in case he is not present, a Tree-Minder will salve the candidate in a mixture of mud from around the tribe’s Hist Tree, crushed talons of the Kagouti and Wamasu, snake venom and the candidate’s own blood. These ingredients symbolize wisdom, strength, bravery and loyalty. The candidate is then led through the swamp barefooted towards the river than runs through Shadowfen, where the mixture will be washed and carried away by the current. This marks the bonding of the candidate to the Tribe and is very important.
Then, after completing all three tasks successfully, the candidate will be given a choice. Will they become scouts and scavengers? Tree-minders with vast knowledge? Toughened protectors of our tribe? Under the watchful eye of the Chieftain, these candidates graduate in the tribe’s own Xanmeer.

The candidate chooses to become a Prowler, Student or Preserver, each having their own tasks and responsibilities. Candidates who have not passed the 1st trial yet have to contact the Chieftain themselves. If the Chieftain is not present for a while, then a Tree-Minder may instead test a candidate. Tree-Minders have the largest responsibility and authority after the Chieftain.

2nd Trial for Prowlers and Preservers:

This is combinatory qualification test to prove the skill of both Prowlers and Preservers. Usually these two groups take longer to grow into the second classes, namely Synthesizers and Castigators. The second trial is mostly about teamwork and will test both the candidates their strength and mental capabilities. A Prowler and a Preserver are put together to perform multiple tests. By going through the trial in a team, they learn to adapt to each other and perform better when opposed by hardened enemies. The final test of the second trial is a battle between the Prowler and the Preserver, who originally worked together. In a hand-to-hand combat with little armor, they are pitched against each other. The winner emerges when one of the two surrenders and graduates into the next rank. The candidate who failed may challenge his former partner again every once in a while to proceed to the next rank. By forming a team and then breaking up suddenly, both learn to quickly deal with broken alliances and retaliating ferociously. This trial includes the Cave of Trials, aka Mushroom Cave.

2nd Trial for Students:
Since the Student can grow one more rank than Prowlers and Preservers, they are given a second trial when the Chieftain thinks they are ready. A Tree-Minder may also notify the Chieftain of a Student’s qualities and decide it is ready for the Student to advance to the second rank, Progenitor. The student will receive training in basic magical and alchemical principles, in-depth study of the Hist and learns how to perform minor rituals. They will also be tested in these three subjects. This is the 2nd trial for the Religious branch. This trial isn't ceremonial and merely indicates that the Student is ready to prepare for becoming a Tree-Minder. There is no absolute prerequisite for performing this trial.

Our Tribe tries to keep things as lore-friendly as possible and could best be compared to an isolated New Guinean community. Although we are all well-read, we voluntarily choose to return to the basics and live as our ancestors did. The ranking system may be seen as an hierarchy, but I want to stress the fact that both OOC and IC everyone is equal. Emphasis on respect for those higher in rank than you is appreciated, though! The Tribe doesn't limit itself to RP within town. Expeditions, tours and a whole lot of adventures await. And for those in need of adrenaline rushes, there's always a fight to pick with dunmeri slavers found all over Black Marsh. Kudos for those who bring their heads!

I'd like extend the claw of invitation to all those who are interested in learning and immersing themselves into the history of Black Marsh! I can be found in-game under the ID of @BashMegaMoth. Just send a whisper if I'm on, or a mail if I'm not!
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"Every insult and every slight must be repayed in kind.''
  • BashMegaMoth
    The backstory. [Shortened version]

    After the formation of the Pact, many Argonians were thrown back to their homeland after years of toiling in slavery, underpaid jobs or dangerous mercenary work. During the ages before the Pact, Argonians living far from Hist trees have had traumatizing experiences and have become separated from their homeland, their traditions and their Creator, the Hist. The founder of Eternal home, the current Chieftain, knew that the Pact would give these unfortunate souls the possibility to return, but who would welcome them? Who would educate them in the culture of their species and those living alongside them? The Chieftain, at the time a battle-hardened, free mercenary, began to search feverishly for a location where his kind could reside in safety. He began to do research on other tribes, guilds, prominent families and combined the most useful ingredients which made up these communities to create the fundament of the Tribe he now controls. All this to form a devout group of followers, dedicated to live the way their free ancestors did and to discover new secrets in the art of Restoration and Alchemy. The chieftain noticed the degenerate mindset of the inhabitants of Percolating Mire and took the reigns in his own hands. Applying what the pilgrims of Hissmir and the dusty books about Old Argonia had taught him, it soon became a flourishing village. He renamed Percolating Mire to Eternal Home, which was better fit for its state and function.

    The founder, although of the sober and free-spirited kind, was fascinated by the rituals performed by ancient aboriginals. He started to understand their meaning as he translated word after word and wanted to implement these rituals in his own Tribe to keep the minds of his people sharp and their physique in excellent condition. This formed the basis for the Trials.

    It is the curiosity that was and still is the major driving force for Eternal Home. Former slaves seeking solitude with their own kind blend in with scholars and pilgrims to increase their mental and physical capabilities. A Tribe that offers safety and maintains equality, a Chieftain that is transparent in his ways due his altruistic attitude and ability to listen.

    However, Eternal Home might still frown at any non-Argonian applicants. Most of the members have bad experiences with other races, especially with the Dunmer and the Dominion due to recent raids on Argonian towns. But as the ignorance of the Inqu’Eksithi diminishes, so increases their hospitality. We slowly fear betrayal less and are able to cooperate more efficiently with outsiders.
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    "Every insult and every slight must be repayed in kind.''
  • ankhor8
    We shall build and connect like the roots of the Hist we sprout from.
    Saxhleel Salute.
    Kota-Sax-Blood of True An-Xileel
    Psn community page: An-Xileel
    Seth Salute
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