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Open to all; Arborhart Clan (Aldmeri Dominion)

Soul Shriven
like the title said, this is a friendly guild open to all races, classes and whether you are an expert at this game or new. I hope to make this guild a friendly environment where you can talk about anything in game or not. This guild doesn't have to be a role play guild it can alter and I hope you will enjoy being apart this guild.

This title Arborhart clan has a meaning to it. Arbor means tree in Latin. :3

We will try to make this a friendly community where we can be friendly and nice towards each other. We may or may not participate in alliance wars depending on how many we recruit.
This hopes to be a place where people can just relax and chat to other players and help each other if we are struggling in quests, no matter the level. I hope I have told you enough, if you have any questions or is interested to join please reply. :3:)
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