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XB1/NA Megaserver - Ebonheart Pact Stonefalls Zone Clearing Event

Fellow Ebonheart Pact members on the XB1/NA megaserver:

My guild will be hosting weekly ‘guided tours’ to clear zones. By that I mean grabbing all skyshards and lorebooks, completing all dolmens and map bosses. Depending upon the number of participants we may clear all the delves as well.

We used to do these, and strictly limited participation to guild members. This time around, though, we have decided to open it up to all EP players on the XB1/NA megaserver. I know many of us have lower-level alts that haven’t grabbed all the stuff available yet and this is a great chance to do that and meet other EP players!

So…if you are interested, here are the details:

Date: Monday January 18, 2015

Time: 7:00 PM Eastern (-5 GMT)

Place: Stonefalls Zone – Senie Wayshrine

Zone Map:

Show up, bring a friend or two! The hosts will be members of Fool’s Errand, you can recognize us by our white tabards with black dragons. If possible, please RSVP on this thread so I can ensure we have enough tour guides on hand!
Guildmaster of Fool's Errand, PvX/social, beginner to endgame guild.

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