looking for an established English trade guild [EU] [AD/DC/EP]

Hi everyone, so basically i had to switch over from the NA server to the EU one because my friend was complaining about lag. Is there any established trade guilds that are recruiting and if so (whether you own one or are just in one) can i get an invite to it/them to @Malachi79

"Corporal, Whats a Corporal?" #1 AAFC quote

*NA PC Mega-server*
*Aldmeri Dominion - {Sir Notsodps} *Vampire* *PVE/Trials* *DPS*
*Daggerfall covenant - {Emma Hearth} *Vampire* *PVE orientated* *Crafter*
*Daggerfall covenant - {Sir Notsotankalot} *PVP/PVE orientated* *Tank*
*Edonheart Pact - {Abcaac} *PVP orientated* *Warden Tank*

*EU PC Mega-server*
*Aldmeri Dominion - Soon!
*Daggerfall covenant - Soon!
*Edonheart Pact - Soon!

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