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Looking for a guild in AD or EP.

I'm looking to roll another character in one of the factions listed above. Are their any guilds recruiting for either faction?

Feel free to contact me on here or psn:

I play on the EU server.
Edited by Steveyboy_UK on January 14, 2016 10:50AM
  • Cody_svk
    Hey steve, have you forgotten that in December you applied and joined Snowborn? You seemed quite excited, but then I have not heard about you...

    Let me know your opinion, whether I should consider you as "not interested" in Snowborn or not...
  • Steveyboy_UK
    Hello. I took a break from playing for the holiday season just after I joined you guys. I'm still interested in snowborn. I may have been slightly to quick to remove myself from your guild.
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