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Regular disconnects and loggin issues - Tech -

Soul Shriven
Trying to log as much information about this issue to hopefully have it investigated and resolved.

My system and infrastructure:
O/S : Xbox1 - gold, all updates done.
Game: ESOTU : Imperial edition - downloaded xbox live (No other DLC)

Network: 10mb VDSL - very stable , no issues in other games platforms ect.
residential, no vpn, firewalls ect
All ports for xbox live and ESO forwarded to XBox1

Xbox1 - wifi - fixed IP - 3m from wifi router (new Belkin)

Physical Location: Johannesburg, South Africa. (

Description of the problem

There are a few elements to this issue so I will try to break it down.

the process to reproduce this error which is with the power saving option of the xbox1 enabled:

1. with a completely powered off xbox, power up to dashboard.
2. Lauch ESOTU - so you see the Bethesda logo.
3. the game will login normally, character load all good....
4. play for a while if you wish as per normal behaviour (hope you don't get DC - see second issue)
5. press power button on xbox (effectively switching it off - sleep mode)
6. go do life wait for a while - I assume logner than the idle time-out on the server.
7. press (X) button on xbox or controller - dahsbord appears with eso in the active window
8. press a, try to log-in....this is where things go downhill...
9. you will very likely have issues now connecting to the game servers.
- not a valid internet connection .... error despite all being fine with connection and xbox live login
- or you may get stuck in a loop of press a and the error.

I have found you can power off completely, load something else and exit it, basically if you can get the game to re-start completely
i.e. Bethesda logo ect. you will log in fine.

sometimes, but not always you can log-out of xbox profile, login and it will let you into ESO.

If you log-out of the game and then sleep the Xbox you will have the same issue, so I think it is the launcher that is the issue here.
it doesn't interact with the O/S properly to determine the connectivity and Xbox live profiles state.
Or it holds onto the previous state through the sleep process.

However throw problem 2 into the mix and things get interesting:

So I am playing just fine...
I typically don't get too much lag and nothing serious.
A small blimp when grouping or maybe entering a high pop area, but nothing unexpected.

At random times, I cant find a pattern to it, I will get D/C'd
not lag out then DC, just pop back to Rotating dragon thing - press A
With the "no internet connection..." or "you have to be signed in to Xbox live..." error
and then you are in the loop again and basically have to restart the game. (with a power off or open another game)

I hope this adds some information to the mix and I can get some feedback from others with this issue
This issue has been happening since I installed the game on a brand new clean xbox.

My suspicion (from my many years experience in listed companies) is, it is a issue between the megaservers and the Xbox live servers. MS wont allow something that Bethesda needs or some such inter company political nonsense. because otherwise such a game breaking issue would have received much higher attention.

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