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Can we get a ETA at least on the fix for the in game friends list issue ALREADY!!!

This is getting out right ridiculous.... So now out of four people I know only 2 of them have in game friends lists that work....

Myself: No friends list working at all, totally blank, can't invite anyone to game.

Sister in law.. no friends list and no one can see her on there friends list.

My two brothers both of them there friends lists work in game except for one issue my sister in laws account... no one can see her on any of our friends lists.

So we can't group unless we get lucky and one of my other brothers is able to get in the same shard as my sister in law.. and we have tried zoning logging out and back in repeatedly.. its a mess... We have done everything we can get the friends list to work.. removed them from x box live friends and then add them through game.. and ironically it adds the person back to the xbox live friends list but not in game.. to repeatedly trying to search player and add (search player does not work for me as well)...


Ps: yes we are the same faction.
Pss: and yes I have summited a in game ticket.... never got a response and its been weeks.
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