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Monster Trade Alliance - Craglorn traders - Mournhold traders. Recruiting all alliances!

We're the Monster Trade Alliance a trade alliance consisting of a few guilds that are based around trading, but pve/pvp is involved.

Guilds in the alliance and a small description.

Curse - (usually in found in Craglorn). We run most PVE/PVP from this guild, there is also a Pve rank called "Core Group" which is for people who regularly play with us, with this rank comes free bank access to up to date potions, food, gear, mats etc.

Amazon - (Usually found in Craglorn)

Monster Trading (Usually found in Craglorn)

The Millionaires Club (Usually found in Mournhold)

Fair Trade (Usually found in Mournhold)

Belmont Clan (Orsinium Trader)

All of the following guilds are recruiting all alliances, everyone is welcome to trade and play with us!

For an invite to any of the above guilds contact Abc123killer on PSN or post here, I'll get around to inviting you as soon as possible.

We do ask for 5k/week. This is necessary to maintain good traders and keep the guilds stable.
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