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[EU/EP] Active player looking guild

Soul Shriven
im kinda new to ESO, Ive been playing for 2 weeks now and i keep learning more and more things.
Im very active so im looking for a friendly en acitve guild where people are willing to help when you need it.
  • Duiwel
    Hello there Artyom I assume you are Dutch and from the Netherlands :smile:

    Our guild would welcome you and you are always welcome to ask questions ect. Many of our members are also new, although many aren't. They have however recently started rolling new characters so we have a high population of 15-40's at present.

    Order of Sithis.

    Look in my signature for my I.D. and just send me a message with your in game name and I will send you an invite.

    May your journey take you on many exciting adventures.
    Join ORDER OF SITHIS We're recruiting! PC EU

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