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Question about Banished Cells

So I took a break for ESO awhile ago and am just coming back to it. When my group all lvl 10-15 attempted to do banished cells, the first boss hits for 24k with an uninterruptible, can-go-through-walls, irregardless-of-aggro beam. With scaling me as the healer has around 19k health, the dps all had around 20-21k and the tank had 29k. Now the beam can be healed through barely but the issue is that the standard attacks hit for around 10k so I have to literally be spamming my heals nonstop, which at lvl 10 I can't do. All this damage is regardless of 247 cps with plenty assigned to elemental defender and whatever the one is for poison/magic/disease. I haven't done dungeons since before vet16 scaling but who at vet16 has 25+k health other than the tank? Am I missing something here?
  • Andcun
    Your tank or dps is not interrupting him. The only time you should really be heavy duty healing is during the uninterruptable beam period. Definitely doable at lvl 10 as the healer if you have more than one healing ability slotted.
  • DuckNoodles
    May, I ask. What class and heals u are using?
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