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Collectible Dolmen farming Event! (PS4 NA)

Hello. I will be holding an event to do exactly what the title say's... but why?

There is a list of item's a collector like me is trying to obtain. You may also be a collector like me. If you have a DC character and play on Ps4, join me January 9th at 9pm EST and try to get some cool item's. I will be farming Dolmen's for General's all night and am looking for some player's to join me so it's not so boring.

All alliance's are welcome but i cannot guarentee your safety. The two Dolmen's i rotate between cross with Keep Aleswell. However if enough player's from different alliance's want to come along i can change the route so we go to Berma instead and avoid any conflict's with player's pvping.

Some of the item's you can obtain are in the thread above.

Comment below if you would like to particicape or send me a psn messege @GreenSoup2HoT

If you cannot play within this time, feel free to message me saying you want to farm dolmen's and i will gladly farm with you!

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