Need advice on my preferred play style and race/class.

I have a vr16 magica sorc that can self shield and hit power surge for healing crits and then use procs for frags. But i find i don't really like it that much. I like attacks that heal myself and do damage at the same time(aoe all the better). I like to last a long time in fights and not go down in flames really fast. I am willing to trade 10% damage for 10% self healing. So I was thinking of going with an Argonian Magicka Templar, or Argonian Magicka Nightblade. I don't want to really be a true tank that takes forever to kill things. I want to feel like my toon is a survivor that can last in battle and put out some fairly good damage, while not having to resort to proc's and shield spam.

Any advice appreciated.
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