Armor Improvement Idea

I would love to see a Wolf pet, or imperial armor where shoulders don't clip through your damn head... Also bigger axes would be cool, I love axes they're brute and cool, just like the Nord in the trailer but the axes in-game really disappoint me =(

Those were just some small thing I would love to see. But here's my big idea:

Upgrading/Improving your armor.
I hate it when I have to make a whole new set because the old one is becoming too low level. Especially when I make it a full blue colored set.

So my idea is, Why not let us temper/improve it? let us level it up at a workbench just like in Skyrim but then with levels and when you reach iron armor level 14, give the players the opportunity to make the iron armor steel, give that a buff it 80% required materials instead of 100% needed hence you have it full iron already and can most likely scrap some of it.

Also there could be a perk which gives you like less durability damage or something because you are used to wearing that armor, because it fits you.

I apologize for my grammar mistakes. English is not my native language but I really wanted to post this, so perhaps it could become something real. Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,

Thaiden Wolfheart
Thaiden Wolfheart - "The White Wolf" - Nord Dragonknight
Ysmir Wolfheart - "Dragon of the North" - Nord Templar
Ysgran Wolfheart - "Warden of the North" - Nord Warden

Victory or Sovngarde !
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