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DL takes WAAAAAY to long..........normal?

Soul Shriven
So far it takes 9 hrs to DL only 11%..............Im mean I can understand it may be slow but at this point Im ready to just say forget it.
  • Glaiceana
    Well what is your internet speed? I've got 40mbps download speed, and as far as I remember, it took roughly an hour to download, definitely no more than 2 hours. Your internet speed will obviously be a big factor in how long the download takes.
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  • bmw
    Soul Shriven
    I get 15mbps...........yes not the best but it still should not take 9hrs for just 11%
  • Zaflis
    Soul Shriven
    I didn't calculate my time, but i would estimate about 3 hours so far it's been downloading. I have 10mbit connection and launcher is showing 1.44MB/s. Some point it showes 29GB remaining, now it's 2.8GB, so it's like going through different pack files or something bizarre. It has progressed 21%. Really weird considering this is not a fresh install. I used to play long time ago back before Windows 10 came out so base game should already be downloaded. At least i can see the numbers moving so i'll leave it crunching for the night...
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