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New to ESO LF established active Guild *Please Read*

Soul Shriven
Hello and thanks for taking time to read this thread,

I'm 45 years old and new to ESO

I have played numerous MMO's including Lineage II, LOTRO, Allods, Neverwinter, Archeage, Aion, AOC and numerous others. I have always been active in the guilds I have been a member and can play 4 hours plus per day (usually). I have always reached max level and taken part in all there is to do in all of the mentioned MMO's. I love to team up and do daily and dungeons but, although I don't fully understand it yet, love to PVP whilst I know ESO isn't predominantly PVP orientated.

I am a Khajiit Nightblade, Dominion nearly at level 17 (I know it's low but I tried out a Sorc). I am learning crafting within the game also.

I don't want to join a Guild that will hold my hand and I am not one for asking for everything to be given to me, I just want some like minded people to play alongside. I can use TS/Vent (but not late at night/early hours as I have young children).

Please inbox me on the forums or you can catch me ig on my character which is called Saacha

Thanks :)
  • EllieBlue

    You can check us out at We are a social, casual pve guild but also doing some pvp. You can try it out with us for a few weeks and see if it fits into what you are looking for.

    Please contact my co-GM, via mail in-game: @gamersflame for an invite as I am currently away from eso until 5th Jan. Do indicate which guild you would like to join (TSoN) as we also run a trading guild, Nirn Traders.

    Just introduce yourself in the guild chat and join in the conversation. Our guildies are pretty cool with our new members.



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