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Ice Wraith Pet

I have been subscribing to ESO Plus since the game came out in June, and I just started playing again after I took a break from the game. It's not exactly a big deal but I was just curious why I never got my Ice Wraith.
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Wasn't the pet (and the other loyalty rewards) supposed to be only for people who had a subscription for a certain time before the game switched from subscription based to buy to play?
  • Rossphi
    Yes, I got mine before eso came out on Xbox
  • DragonSamurai360
    I got mine on PC before the rebranded ESOTU came out, so in order to have gotton it on Xbox you had to sub on PC before ESOTU and have purchased the limited time account copy offer.
  • TurkeyRage
    Okay, I was just curious and I misunderstood what I read.
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