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Former PS4 Player with Grouping Question for PC

So a few months ago I got this game on PS4 and it was really fun, but as a single player game. The lack of text chat made grouping and trading almost impossible without sounding really annoying verbally saying "looking for group <content>" over and over again to everyone around you. Also with the veteran level system almost everyone I knew was a different level and we could never play together.

So my question is this: have they done anything to improve grouping for dungeon content? I have read in a couple threads that all dungeons scale you up to VR16 and put everyone in one pool together, but how does it work in practice / what are average queue times?

I love this game and want to come back, but I want to be able to play with the friends I make.
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Best Answer

  • RazielDERF
    For the PC version you will have access to all updates prior to console versions. I know that the grouping option usually takes some time to find members but they have improved with the recent Orsinuim DLC. There is also plenty of chatting traffic happening throughout all the zones. You also have access to add-ons which help improve the experience of the game exponentially. This is the major reason why I chose to not own the console version. I simply cannot play without add-ons.
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