[PS4/NA] BACK ALLEY TRADING - Recruiting all Alliances / Limited Space

  • griff_greer
    PSN: bigheadbazooka
  • Hangssolow
    Soul Shriven
    Please Invite if there is room. Thx. PSN: Ilofaul (capital i for the first letter)
  • nebulos87
    Soul Shriven
    Would like to join if there is room.
    Psn: nebulos87

  • NickDiazFU
    I would like an invite please PSN NatataDB

    Thank you
  • KamakaziYardbird
    I would like to join the guild again , starting back up with the new expansion launch.

    PSN: KamakaziYardBird
  • Hollowbloom
    returning to the game and I absolutely can’t play ESO without back alley trading. I’m maxed in all professions and will donate more than nescesery
    PSN: UPPY22
    Character name: Kohta Kiddo (wood elf nightblade) hit me up in Cyrodiil :)
  • Blackjak-33
    Returning player would love an invite, maxed in a few crafts PSN: Blackjak33
  • Causborn24
    Soul Shriven
    Coming back to the game as well, kinda unplayable without Back Alley. Maxed in all crafting. Please invite.

    PSN: moshmost
    Toon: Le Temp
  • rdengland1
    Could i please get an invite? Psn wvintn
  • pelennor_fields
    Psn IDs - 2 invites please= pelennor_fields and Bobbyback
    I'd like to join in Psn: URT_Dentista
  • hngibson
    Soul Shriven
    Could I get an invite. Have been a member in the past but took a break from the game. Hoping to get back in to trading and such again.

    PSN: CrimsonBoston
  • kalimar44
    I use to be in your guild, but left game for awhile. I would like to rejoin please and thank you.

    Psn, Black-n-Gold42

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