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Is there any way to gamble gold with my pals?

Sometimes me and my buds just sit around thinking of things to do in ESO and I was just wondering if anyone knows of any fun/creative activities that include gambling your hard earned gold with your friends?
I appreciate any help guys!
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
  • CopyNinjaLu
    I can use this for Xbox One?
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Sadly not.
  • CopyNinjaLu
    Bummer.. Thanks anyway.
  • gillababe
    Soul Shriven
    Lots of people do 'RGB' with the engine guardian, like the guy above me stated. It's pretty fair in the sense that what procs is completely random. Just have everyone bet on red blue or green, and one guy wearing it cast abilities until it pops up.
  • byrdmanwes
    RGB game, foot races, make newbs and race them across a high level area, make an out of game chat and play hide and seek, everyone make newbs and panhandlers whom makes the most gold an in hour gets the pot.

    About all I can think of right now
    Breton Templar Healer-AD
    Redgaurd Stamina Sorcerer Tank-AD
    Dark elf Magic Dragonknight DPS-AD
    Imperial Dragon knight Tank-EP
    Nord Blazing Shield Templar-DC
    GT: Mr Byrdman86
    CP: 600
  • WatchTiger
    Hide and seek
    Hmm... a mount race! Choose mounts with equivalent statistics, and inform your friends to not use spells to render their mounts to move excruciatingly fast. The winners win gold.
    Suggested race tracks:
    Race around the Elden Root Tree
    Race around the wall of Windhelm
    Race around Khajitt temples in Khenarthis' Roost
  • KATObloodpaw
    There are areas in the game where two npcs
    Spawn and duel. Bet on who will win. The battles last about 2 minutes
    GT:Shock Value1134
  • Autolycus
    Why gamble with in-game gold when you can gamble with crowns instead???
  • Tasear
    dice add on
    give a gold to a third party then duel
  • Powerhand

    So excellent. I've used addon's like this in the past for guild contests and giveaways.

    Now all it needs is a poker function...
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