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Update Ideas

Soul Shriven
ESO is a great MMO game, its actually became one of my favorites but like every game, there are thing we think would make the game even better, These are my things.

Reputation system for each zone (Eastmarch Stormheaven etc.) your reputation level depends on your actions in your actions in your zone for example getting caught doing a crime looses reputation but doing quests and zone events there will give you reputation. The more reputation the more respect you gain from most ncps, some (of course some bad people) might treat you disrespectfully like at an outlaw refuge. Even if you don't have a bounty, low reputation may refuse you to communicate with citizens merchants etc. but you can always talk to people you need to talk to for quests. Really this is to tell you if you are a good person or bad person in each zone not the whole world. Also i think bounties should just be in the zone you got caught doing a crime in makes it more understandable to have with this system.

NCPs scaled on difficulty rather than lvl. I know this is an mmo but it is also TES and all of TES games but this one had difficulty rather than lvls meaning its harder to do certain things alone and too easy to do thing in a group or your just a high lvl and its kind of boring. Also if ESO goes to difficulty, you can explore all of Tamriel without going is a certain order from zone to zone or you wont have much trouble when trying to do so. This system works by first depending on your group party clearly 1 person is easiest and enemies get stronger as your party grows. Then the host gets to decide on a second group of difficulty easy, med, hard, expert, master so if you have a hard time with a boss you can easy it up or if you want to play chicken with ncps you can go one master for fun.

Quest generating system. It is hard to make this system especially with voice acting. This system will add "quest givers" in cities and they have letters that give you quest. These quests are not too crazy but they will take you across Tamriel. You always return your quest to the quest giver you got it from. Quest giver won't say much just simple stuff like "Quest Complete. Thank you" or something similar. With the reputation system you gain reputation to the zone you got your quest from.

More changes to separate close ranged weapons more. Admit it, if you go with a hand to hand weapon you use the sword for extra damage or maybe the dagger for that crit. chance leaving most maces and axes to dust. I wished the weapons would kind of be like Skyrim's where the mace/maul does most dam but attacks slowest to sword or daggers if one handed with least damage but attacks fastest. Maces should clearly be the strongest axes med dam swords low and dagger very low. With the sword damage upgrade it should averagely go up to a little below axes damage depending on item mostly. But each item has a certain amount of attacking daggers attack fastest to maces the slowest. if you are going dual, your attack speed depends on weapon combination each weapon has a certain amount of attack speed (This isn't accurate but like daggers 100% swords 80% axes 60% maces 40%) so combining will make you have a different attack speed amount (from my example before a mace with dagger will give you 140% attack speed but sword and dagger will give you 180%)

What do you think of these do you think these will make the game better or worse?
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