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Soul Shriven
Patch 2.2.5 nerfed all unofficial localizations, current Patch version is 2.2.7 ...
When will be fixed ESO client to use Unofficial localizations?

  • Enodoc
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    They're working on it. See this thread:
    Hey folks,

    In the most recent patch we fixed an exploit that allowed addons to run arbitrary protected code. This exploit could have been used to create a lot of harm, so it was critical that we fix it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there were some unofficial localization addons that were casualties of this fix as they were using the same exploit in a benign way. It was important to us that the hard work done on these addons was not lost, however, so we implemented a new method of doing unofficial localization at the same time that the exploit was fixed. When this new code is live, addon authors will be able to supply a file named <languageCode>_ingame.str (instead of the previous .lua version) and fill it with lines of the form [<stringCode>] = "<string>" to provide localization in a secure way. This new method is presently going through QA and will be made available as soon as we are confident in it. Sorry for the lack of messaging about this in the notes.

    As an additional note, we now need to add the languages to the game as unofficial languages so they can be used with the secure system. Presently we have added Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. Which other languages are there unofficial translations for so we can make sure they are available when this new code launches?
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  • Ruben
    Nerfed? Really? Is the meaning of that word already lost?
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    Ruben wrote: »
    Nerfed? Really? Is the meaning of that word already lost?

    You just noticed :grey_question:

    The word "nerf" can now be applied no matter what the situation is. All that is required is that it be something unfavorable.
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