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Aldimion's Journal

This is the only one my main character lacks to fill all the Main Quest lorebook slots. All other MQ books seem to become available in the Harborage after doing the quests, just not this one... And the area it is in gets closed off after the quest... So basically if you didn't read it during the quest, you are S-O-L... I normally hate the "make everything account wide" whining, but this is one of the few cases I think it'd be a good idea... Or just put it in the Harborage post-MQ
  • MrDerrikk
    If they just put it outside The Harborage like a lot of other books then it should be okay I guess...
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  • Faunter
    Yup, that's the only one I am missing as well. As it was pointed out, you can find all the Main Quest books around the Harborage except this one. To make matters worse, Aldimion's Journal is in a Solo Instance, making it impossible to find someone on that quest and port to them.
  • AngryNord
    @ZOS_GinaBruno any comment on this?
  • ttraveler
    Interesting ... I found Aldimion's Journal inside the harborage after completing the quest. It's still there, I just looked.

    But I can not find any of the other lore books inside or outside the harborage and I still need to read two of them.
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