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Soul Shriven
Just started God of Schemes, and I'm at the part where you "Wait for the remaining companions". But they aren't there. 0.o I went back to look for them, but their gone altogether. What happened? And I can't abandon the quest, sooo. . . Edit: NVM its fixed :)
Edited by Lycandew on November 29, 2015 4:03PM
  • CeeCee77
    Soul Shriven
    What did you do to "fix" it?

    I now have two characters in the God of Schemes quest and neither of them can talk to the companions/survivors to get the ritual started. It's been very frustrating, and ESO's only answer has been to log off and wait 15 minutes to reset the instance. That hasn't worked for me yet, on either of these characters. I'm even leaving the entire zone before logging off, and have tried to group with other guild mates (as I'm told that should force a new instance). Nothing...
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