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Using soul gems

Ok, this is embarrassing, because I played Skyrim years ago: How do I use Soulgems in ESO?

All I found is that I need the corresponding skill. *blush*
  • PBpsy
    You need appropriate level skill gems. Use the skill (soul trap) then kill the appropriate level mob fast.
    In end game you usually get to have a large surplus if you run dungeons from boss drops.
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  • fetito666
    Ah, thanks! So it's actually an attack skill?
  • Ourorboros
    fetito666 wrote: »
    Ah, thanks! So it's actually an attack skill?

    It's your first skill, and only free skill. You have it when you emerge from the tutorial, though you have to assign to use.

    FYI, the skill line only levels by completing the main quest line. There is a passive that give a 5% and 10% chance to fill soul gems by killing mobs. Usually, this is enough to fill empty gems without having to specifically use the skill.
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  • Fruitmass
    Soul gems in ESO are used to either resurrect another player or to recharge your enchantments. To resurrect a player you'll need a soul gem of the appropriate level. To charge your enchantments any level gem should work though the higher the level the more charges it'll fill.

    The Soul Magic skill tree will give you the Soul Trap active ability and the Soul Lock passive ability which you can use to fill gems. To level the Soul Magic skill tree you'll have to complete quests in the main story line, though the individual skills themselves will level by gaining XP just as class and weapon skills do.
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