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Dragonknight Mealstrom Arena

Ok so I know the maelstrom arena should be a challenge and thats fine. I have no problems with discovering the different techniques to complete every stage.
But still 0 Dragonknights have finished the arena on the ps4 (EU). this shows the problem with stamina vs magika in solo pve play. Magica users have shields etc to prevent from dieing but we stamina classes have dodge and block, which received a Huge nerf since IC.
Also the dragonknight is the underdog now so that doesn't even help at all.
Zenimax, Eventhough I know you are not reading this at all.... Please give the DK a boos, or a stamina PVE boost. Or maybe lower the difficulty a bit for the ps4 arena, since we didnt had as much time to gain CP, gold and armor !!

Thanks for reading who did
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