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PS4 bugs, pvp and maelstron arena

Ok, I'm not happy with the game due to a very big numbers of problems that hasn't been fixed (support told me they will fix it, eventually).
1 - PVP: we are encouraged to play in large groups so we make more AP and conquer castles and etc. But the lag do not allow it. We lag out or lose all the fight.
2 - Bugs: 2.1 Sometimes the game just won't allow you to use any skill, so you have to die. It is very annoying when u are in the citadel or arena.
2.2 Fighters guild rank is stuck on 9. I have a vr 16 sorc that I don't use anymore because I can't use dawnbreaker and the passives. Support told me to wait for an update but they don't know wich update it is going to be fixed.
2.3 I don't know about you guys, but I have run the same dungeon 15 times with a group of 4 ppl and nobody got the monster helmet. 15 times in 2 days and none of my friends got the helmet. I know the drop rate is not big, but really? 15 times?
3- maelstron arena: the arena is good, challenges you but only 20 players finished it on ps4!! 20!! So, if you wanna finish the arena, you need a very good set armor (that's ok), time to finish it (hmmm, ok too, maybe) and a lot of champion points (not ok at all). So, unless you have a lot of time avaible to play this game, earn CP and money, you won't be able to finish the arena. We console players don't have add ons, we are playing this game for 5 months and I am very tires to deal with all this issues.

Support told me to wait for an update that will fix some of the bugs, so i will have to wait. I will play other games untill they make this game playable, like a lot of my friends already did.

This game is good, but there are so many little things that make the game annoying.

Ps4 player
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