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Red Ruby Cave

IS this dungeon in Cyrodill bugged coz im waiting for Zandur the boss to respawn for 2 days
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    Last time I was hunting these bosses about a year ago they could take hours to spawn and sometimes wouldn't spawn unless other bosses were killed first. It seemed (no verification on this) that one boss would not spawn while the other lived and there would be a random chance which would spawn each time it happened.
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  • toxikh.earth89neb18_ESO
    yea, thank you, found it
  • TerraPython
    I dont mean to bring up old posts - but this is obviously an old problem.
    The bosses in this dungeon are still buggy - waited over half an hour for the second one and he never arrived. :(
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  • Vaoh
    This rule applies to ALL Cyrodiil delves (I got Explorer a long time ago, favorite title):

    1. If the boss you need to kill doesn't spawn, kill any other bosses that are still alive in the delve.
    2. Wait 5-15minutes, checking to see if the boss spawned. If the boss still doesn't spawn, and you have again checked for and killed any other living bosses, leave the cave. You may want to walk away from the general vicinity of the cave entrance as well.
    3. Enter the cave again and see if the boss spawned. Proceed to kill any other boss that spawns as well to force the boss you want to kill to gain priority in spawning.
    4. Repeat as many times as necessary. Keep in mind, THERE ARE A FEW Cyrodiil delves that are EXTREMELY annoying and you will wait awhile to kill those bosses.
    5. If you don't like waiting, or are bored, it is always a good idea to simply leave and come back later. I killed a few hard-to-spawn bosses like this. Those bosses aren't going anywhere.

    Good Luck!
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