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minimum decon character levels needed to get mats

Hello I have one character that is lvl 36 and is now getting Dwarven metal gear.
My other character is a lvl 23 blacksmith that would like to decon those items and get mats plus XP.
I heard that your character level must be within 5 levels of the item level to get mats.

So does that mean my BS needs to be lvl 31 to decon Dwarven metal gear and get mats?
And will the next level be 36 for the next higher mats?


  • poodlemasterb16_ESO
    Not true. A leveled Blacksmith can decon anything. My level 34 gets Voidsteel all the time. I may be selling 200 stacks soon.
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  • Myyth
    Oh ok, so there is no minimum character level needed to decon mats?

    My BS is character level 23, BS level 39 with 4 in metal working.

    That will be sufficient to decon dwarven metal?
  • Mickey_Ox
    Im not ingame so not sure if lvl4 is enough but If you can make it then you can decon it.
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  • Aelthwyn
    Right. In my experience, to get back the material you need to have unlocked the passive for that tier - that is, you have to be able to craft with that material. Though you can still get tempering or style materials from deconing something above your craft-passive level.
  • newtinmpls
    You can decon anything with any character - if you don't have the passives, then you will get less, and usually nothing, but every once in a while you will get an ingot or two.
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