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Appearing OFFLINE in guilds roaster even though I'm not

Soul Shriven
I have a bad situation here, I appear offline in all 5 guilds, to all my friends, to everyone else. Also ,besides appearing offline in all 5 guilds ,they see me as being in Stonefalls. Im fighting customer service for more than a month. Last word from them was that they cant help me. WoW !?!..How about that ESO ?!?. I'm having this issue right after the IC release . So far I got kicked from guilds, lost friends, haven't been invited to groups anymore, no more PvP, no more IC sewers run, nothing ... I'm a paid customer on Ps4 , since day one, and I really like this game... but now I'm just a lonely & frustrated Sorcerer on NA server. ESO, please, can you tell me what should I do next ??? :( ... Or maybe some other gamer got a fix ? So far I've tried many things but none have worked ...Thanks for reading this .
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