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XboxOne - AD - NA server. Start Up Guild.

Many guilds have been on the decline with a reduction of randoms playing the game and loosing intrest. My brother and I are EVERYDAY players, we roam the top of the leaderboards in Azura Star. We are in search of other EVERYDAY players to start a new Guild. We would like to KEEP a guild trader running weekly which requires people to donate funds to purchase a trader (good ones aren't cheap). We are masters of every skill ( crafting, potions, glyphs, foods and drinks ). Between BottomListGamer and myself ( KRYpTOE ) you will always be able to find one of us to help you along with what ever is needed. Hopefully we can get some more Elite members to join the guild and even help us along, if needed. We are PvPer's and want only PvPer's joining the guild. We understand time must be spent earning drop sets but Time must be spent in Alliance to continue to be part of this guild. This guild will put forth the options of DUEL invites, RAFFLES to win gear and gold, GROUPS for running Cyrodill, & INFO for the people needing tips on upping skills and knolege. Loud mouths, Cry babies, and just RUDE people will not be tolerated. Only informative, helpfull, active, serious, & DAILY players needed.

Messege - "KRYpTOE" or "BottomListGamer" for any furthur information or for an invite.

Daily Donations Required!!! You will be rewarded with a great Guild Trader which will help you continue to make more Gold.

Post Vidoes, Broadcast Live, and Share your Fame! Come join the FAM!
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