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The Tamriel Acade my - Hybrid Guild Recruitment Xbox One EU

  • Vizikul
    I would like to join for trading as well.

    GT: dimacherus
    Pugging. Pugging all the way to victory.
    Imperial Dragonknight --- male, stamina, heavy & medium armor, dual wield, one hand and shield, two handed.
    Breton Templar --- female, magicka, light armor, restoration staff.
    Redguard Warden --- female, stamina, medium armor, bow.
    Breton Sorcerer --- male, magicka, light armor, destruction staff.

    Daggerfall Covenant loyalist
  • Classic_Cas
    Soul Shriven
    Could i be invited please?
    GT: Classic_Cas
  • Stupidtag
    Soul Shriven
    Hey, can I get an invite please?

    GT: StupidTag

  • dilvid
    Soul Shriven
    Can I get an invite please.

    GT: Dilvid83

  • dolanjamieb16_ESO
    Please inv

    gt - bigdolan
  • Tida2Yuna
    GT: kyaribobon
  • mkuegerlb16_ESO
    looking for a trading guild.

    GT: kugx
  • markaff
    Soul Shriven
    Hi could i get an invite please
    GT: markaff
  • SuperAntv1
    Invite please - SuperAnt v1
  • marcoilbiondo
    Soul Shriven
    Invite please

    GT: marcoibiondo
  • sharksea92
    Soul Shriven
    Nuclear Duke37
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