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I'm not even sure if this section is appropriate for such request. Today I decided to convert my Dunmer DK Tank in a DPS after I spent much more time than needed in a simple delve.

After reading some articles, builds and etc. I respec'ed my skills, redistributing my points and one of the skills chosen was Inferno to be mrphed in the future in Flames of Oblivion. Similarly to Inner Light's floating orb (when it appears, because sometimes I only see my hands on blue fire), Inferno has a visual orb but, differently, it is much brighter and it seems to me that it moves much faster than Inner Light's and not in circular way, but instead jumping and popping above my head.

In a few minutes playing, and I got dizzy and with moderate headache so, is it possible to disable it, replace the animation with a blank dummy file or anything that allow me to keep playing healthy?
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