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Shada's Tear since Orsinium dropped

Has anyone done Shada's Tear since Orcsinium dropped? A group of four guildies tried it last night. None of us had ever beaten it. We apparently finally had the right mix, but, after we finished the side rooms, and swam across the now cleared water, Shada started her speech and.... back to login screens for all four of us. We thought the server had crashed, but were told it was just us when we got back in. We went back in, and not only had the instance restarted, but the two of us who had repaired with the merchant in zone, had our repair bills back. (Interestingly enough, my repair bill the first time was 749. When we got back in, it was 719.) It was.. almost, but not quite, like it had rolled back to a few seconds before we zoned out of our second wing, the City wing, except both wings needed to be restarted. We gave up instead..

Is the instance bugged? On some kind of timer for the third wing?
Power level to CP160 in a week:
Where is the end game? You just played it.
Why don't I have 300+ skill points? Because you skipped content along the way.
Where is new content? Sigh.
  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    You have experienced a dungeon rollback, it happens quiet often since the Orsinium patch and can occur in different dungeons.
    Yesterday my group got kicked out of vet White Gold Tower, vet Imperial City Prison and vet Crypt of Hearts when we were at the last boss. If you have a look on your inventory you'll realize, that some / all of the loot you got in the dungeon also disappeard.
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