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Maelstrom Arena [few questions for Devs]

OK I gave it a fair 3 days of trying .. I know there are people better than me that managed to beat the Vet Solo arena already I just have few quick questions which, I believe, I m not the only one asking ...

1. Why is normal mode so ridiculously easy and Veteran so ridiculously difficult?
2. Why are you guys in zenimax punnishing us so much for playing something else that ranged DD/selfhealer with this content?
3. Why sometimes my character has to seathe weapons with full animation to use the levers and sometimes not (why to seathe them at all), in 2nd stage?
4. Why is the second stage so badly designed and small that the camera is always bouncing on the walls instead of following my mouse movement?
5. Why there is Incoming AoE damage (sometimes directly tageted on player) BEFORE the notification that the "round stars" notification appears on screen?
6. Why can't we break free from strangles pull in stage 3? And why we have to wait another 1.5 seconds after the pull to be able to act again, whle being hit by elecricity in water and mobs? Why it does not give CC immunity most of the times?Why Immovable skill or potion doesn't work on it most of the tmes? Why we are getting "rubberbanded" back to original spot randomly?
7. Why you make us burn so much money on repairs while we'r getting no loot from enemies? Why haven't you learned from DSA, where you had to add it?

I ve got more .. I just became tired typing them all
  • DieterP
    I have something to add to this! Why on Xbox one NA vet maelstrom arena is Dragonknights scores not registering on the leaderboards. My score was never registered either.
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