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Letter to Mother


Greetings Mother,

Yes, it is your son Tristyn. I am sending you this letter to inform you of a trip I am going on. It seems that your husband's trading blood is flowing strong within his progeny. No doubt you have heard that the land to the north is opening up. I am referring to that wretched wasteland that those primitive Orcs call Orsinium. They say that they are building up their city again. I have no idea why the King would allow such thing. A concentration of Orcs infesting High Rock - again? I suppose they are our 'illustrious' allies now, but... does anyone really believe that is going to last? I would scoff but the paper does not carry such things very well.

Still.. I suppose I shouldn't really say such things. Trade is trade after all and it is rumoured that the city has some majestic buildings. You know that architecture and fine things have been a small vice of mine. I believe I inherited that from your side of the family. If the Orcs can perform such feats, perhaps there is some redeeming quality in them. As you have probably guessed by now, I am going to go there. Missing this opportunity would, perhaps, be economic calamity. Oh, I am not talking about selling things to Orcs.. I am not sure they need my mystical merchandise. They probably do not know how to use such things anyway. Who knows. I am, though, going to concentrate on all those 'intrepid' adventurers heading to answer Kurog's call. Intrepid. I would scoff here again, but alas... the medium! There must be hundreds of them heading there. I am sure most of them have not even thought to go prepared. But, I will be there for them, waiting, selling what they forgot to bring. At prices that will surely fill the family coffers. My prices might be a skewed somewhat to my advantage but I am sure when they see what I am packing they will be flocking to my stall. I can practically see the yellow of the gold!

Yes, I know, even you will be proud me Mother. Perhaps you will even forget that incident... Do tell me, did Lady Lisette ever stop talking about what happened? I shudder to think how she fainted... I must sign off now. Do send my regards to dear Father.

Your favourite,

Tristyn Nestal

P.S: How does this sound? "Mystical Merchandise brought directly to you in Daggerfall, Wayrest and now Orsinium!"
"If a stick of fish is a fish stick, it will stick like other fish sticks stick"
"Taller races now sit in chairs correctly"
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