EU / AD -- Looking for Large / Active / Casual Guild -- English Speaking

Soul Shriven
Hello -- I'm a new player looking for a group of friendly, helpful people to level and play. I've got a lot of previous MMO experience and am always happy to help others with quests, etc. My current RL schedule is quite hectic, so my playtime will fluctuate greatly. Primary thing I'm looking for is a large enough community that someone is always online.

Presently a lvl 19 Nightblade Wood Elf trying to level all crafting professions as I go.

If you think you would be a good fit, ping me a message.

  • EllieBlue
    Hi Eroean,

    We are a multi faction social pve guild, although most of us seems to be in AD and EP. We are currently almost 400 members and growing slowly. Have a look at our website and if you are interested, you can contact me in-game @EllieBlue or @Gamersflame or leave your in-game ID here and we will send you an invite.


    Nirn Traders GM (est 2015)
    PC EU
    Semi-retired. Playing games for fun. Super casual.
  • Eroean
    Soul Shriven
    In-game ID is @Eroean -- I will message you next time I am online. Cheers.
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