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How can I use dressing room addon?

I've downloaded an ESO addon called Dressing room, but for the life of me I cannot get it to work.
It shows up in-game, under settings for addons, but it gives no clue as how to actually use it? Is it out of date and not used anymore?
Any help or advice appreciated!
    Tried that addon too, did not work properly at all.

    Went back to Wykydd Outfitter after momentarily trying new Alpha Gear/Tools and got disgruntled at the fact I could not name my configs, lovely addon however.

    Hope you succeed where I failed in terms of patience hehe.
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  • AkeGamer
    You may also wish to check out SetSwap a new add-on from Circonian who's been supporting the Add-on community for some time with more than a handful of useful mods. He's on to something having tried all the add-ons you have mentioned and needs more feedback.
  • Travestynox
    Thanks for your replies, I now use SetSwap!
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