"ESO unexpectedly quit" After install

I cannot seem to load ESO after instal.

I've just installed the new patch/DLC content and went to play the game. After clicking the "Play" button in the launcher, nothing loads and the "Play" just appears as clickable again.

I normally load the game through the actually application file "eso", when I attempted this, a window appears saying "ESO unexpectedly quit' with the option of "Ignore", "Report" and "Reopen".

Reopening doesn't work. I've repaired once already. Still nothing.

I would appreciate any assistance as I simply can't get into the game :/

I am running a 2011 MacBook Pro 8,2
osX 10.8.5,
2.2ghz i7
8gb RAM
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  • chris.dillman

    Hi Valderis

    You need OSX 10.9 or better.

    10.9 or 10.11 would be best... 10.10 has low memory issues with regards to ESO.

    -- ESO -- Lead Mac Programmer...
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