Looking for supportive, casual, flexible guild

Hi im a level 13 EB Nightblade, and would like to join a guild that i can and will support anytime i can, but having 4 kids i can only do my best, and won't expect too much of me if i have to run off.
  • piraya70
    Hi! We have a nice casual guild,With many parents and players with real life duties.We are a small guild (48 members ) Not many online a the same time and not all of these 48 is active,But we always manage to have som fun and do a dungeon or 2 now and then.

    Check us out if interstet or wisp me or send a mail(ingame Vipero) Guild is called> And Justice For All
  • SirCritical
    Hello CrazyFlump! Our guild, the WEB is a friendly community of helpful players, with a wide-range interest in the content elements. We are present in the Imperial City as well as in all the playable zones and factions, with experienced team-players and individuals. We are organized in connection the "rogue-like" aspects of the game (this has been detailed in our thread here), with weekly thematic events. We have a quite stable trader for now, and some of our members are expert crafters. We can share our thoughts on our forum-site, and if needed, we are able to use voice communication also. We would be so glad, if you could join our team! :)
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