Official Discussion Thread for "Loremaster's Archive: The Maelstrom Arena - Part Two"

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This is the official discussion thread for the blog article Loremaster's Archive: The Maelstrom Arena - Part Two. We hope you enjoy part two of this series with Fa-Nuit-Hen!
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  • anitajoneb17_ESO
    Why is this "the last archive for a long while" ? :'(

  • Teiji
    I love Fa-Nuit-Hen's personality! He's so very good it's delightful.

    The writing in this game is as always a pleasure.
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  • Elsonso
    Why is this "the last archive for a long while" ? :'(

    Maybe the Loremaster is retiring. If he is, it will be sad to see him go.
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  • chuck-18_ESO
    I doubt it will be gone forever. The Archive has run since the game's release. Give Schick a holiday; he'll be back.
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