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Godspeed - Endgame Dungeon Guild, V1-V16

Godspeed is recruiting active and social V1-V16 veterans from any alliance!

-Endgame Dungeon Guild with 100+ Vets

-We are mostly Daggerfall Covenant. However, with the new group searching tool (and its future updates) allowing other alliance players to be able to group together, any player from any alliance is welcome to join up!

-We have a strict policy against rage quitting/kicking during groups while in a dungeon. Help your fellow guild members if need be, don't criticize their builds, but instead show them/teach them mechanics, strategies, and builds you may have learned throughout the game :)

-Pledges/Group Dungeons are our highest priority as a guild. However, we do any content in the game from PvE to PvP.

-We have Teamspk3 to help with dungeon coordination, but is not required.

-Tabard Design: All black with a white 'whirlwind" symbol

-Ranks go by dungeon experience! This is one of Godspeed's unique designs. Its as easy as "linking in chat" to an Officer or GM the proper achievements to qualify for a specific rank. This is to show everyone in guild just how experienced you are with dungeons. All rank information is found in the "Message of the Day".

-ALL member notes show everyone's combat roles: DPS, TANK, or HEALS. Also, the notes may include any particular max crafts, traits, rare motifs etc. that you would like to add if you wanted. Only the GM and Officers can edit member notes, this helps to keep ALL notes in the same format for less confusion.

-Feel free to speak your mind in guild chat or Teamspk3, but don't become a troll! We love hearing new build theories & mechanics, especially the very unique ones!

If you're tired of LFG for a pledge, want to learn group dungeon mechanics, or even love talking build theories, then join up!

In-game mail @Nighn_9 with your combat role for an invite :)
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