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Guild PvP (With Mappacks i.e. Crowns)

Follows are suggestions in which I propose a new genre of player versus player interaction. This is not another arena suggestion or another logistical headache, but a fluid system layout. The vision is an environment for guild groups to battle each other, without a size restriction. Yes, with no requirements on the size of the group (up to 24 of course). You would que up and choose a representative guild once you were in a group of the size in which you wished to enter PvP. In order to organize groups and maps the system takes a value "Prowess" which you earn from making killing blows/healing and lose from dying in the field. Groups will measure TOTAL prowess in a group and match based on this total value. This should balance the groups out to allow a group of 12 green players to combat a battle-hardened 6 players and both have a good fight. This type of system would allow people to constantly improve their builds against small experienced groups as well as large zerg balls of pugs. Additionally, there is little chance that a small group would ever be matched with a large group of high ranked players, which would reduce the whining. The guild represented by a group does not require the entire group be in that guild, it just requires the group leader to be in it (thinking it might be best that the guild is required for all but idk). With the upcoming changes with group dungeons being cross faction, I suggest that this be crossfaction as well.

Here is an example of how it would be laid out, but not the only way. Please leave suggestions and let ZoS play with the options to improve the game.

Maps: There would be one objective per map. Several different types of objectives could be seen that are currently in Cyro. The initial map pack could just be chunks of the Cyro map with invisible walls at the edges of them. They could also be a set of rooms in the IC without mobs. A craglorn hill, or orisinum arena

Larger Group (12-24 people) Objectives (2-4 groups)
- This could be a timed keep take with timed respawns (or res of course) for 1v1s
- A 3 keep triangle, or a keep and 3 recources with 3 groups
- A scroll run in a single lane with either group starting and re-spawning at the middle on a timer.

Medium Group (6-12 people) Objectives (2-6 groups)
- Outposts (Sej, Nikel, Bleakers)
- Bridge/Gate fights
- IC sewers scenario (maybe with a walking boss 0o)

Small Group (1-6 people) Objectives (2-8 groups)
- Resources
- IC two/three level building capture one flag on each level
- Open field fighting (maybe with static universal indestructible siege)

This isn't to imply that the larger groups couldn't do a resource or a outpost, but moreso that a small group could not be qued to a keep capture. Oh yea, and depending on the specific instance it may have two groups fighting or it may have many (remember this is guild PvP). So to paint a picture for a small group instance, it may be a chunk of open land with a hill similar to the spot between Ales farm and Bleakers with a siege at the top of the hill, with 5 groups inside the instance: An experienced 2 man with maximized solo/duo builds, 2x4 mans with balanced dps/healing builds, Sypher, and a green 6 man. Alliance is irrelevant, the only allies you have are your guildies which you qued up with. A large group example would be a scroll capture with the scroll in the field in the middle and 3 different teams vying for the capture: a 9 man proxy det min/max group, a 18 man guild group that are still grinding out the alliance ranks, and a 24 man pug group.

I have hundreds of scenarios I would like to suggest, but I will try to keep just the general feel in relation to the types of pvp we know right now.

When you kill another player or win the objectives, you gain AP and prowess from the other players. Now although it would cause the opposing players to lose a bit of theirs as well, you would gain more than they would lose so there is a net gain of prowess. Additionally, I believe that guilds should also have a prowess rating as either the sum composite of the guild member's prowess, the average prowess rating, or based on the prowess earned in its name (group ques with that guild). You could get weekly rewards for being on the leaderboards etc. Your base prowess is scaled off of your alliance war rank (a good way to balance it somewhat early).

Thanks for reading! I hope people understand what I am trying to say here. Cyro would be the best PvP in any game I have ever played if we could play it on the scale they advertise it at with hundreds in the field outside of a keep with no lag. That is not the case, so if they minimize the amount of people we can play with anyway we might as well eliminate the horse riding simulator as well.
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