guild description page not showing guild trader

It say's no guild hired but there is a guild trader, I can even go to the location that has are guild trader.
  • StrykerTheElite
    so does anyone else is having this problem, I asked our guild members and they also can't see our trader in the description....makes it harder to recruit/ retain players because they don't see a guild trader that we paid for.
  • BigMac_Smiley
    This may be true for my guilds, I am in two guilds that hold a trader regularly but right now it says they have no trader. I would have thought they would have said something if they could not hire one, but I have not been on much lately so who knows.
  • LordLunesta
    Yep none of my guilds show traders now.
  • StrykerTheElite
    I know for a fact that we paid and won. even at sight says our names but on guild sheet it says no trader.
  • Oberon45
    Yep, it is happening with the guild I am most active with as well. I went and verified that he is still there etc. and sales are coming in, but it is just not showing in the guild main screen.
  • KristaVegas
    Side note, this is still happening... IN MARCH... SO frustrating.
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