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LFG to do VR Dungeons with on Xbox One North American Server

Soul Shriven
Currently looking to do VR Dungeons with a group. Can be a constant thing. If interested let me know. I run a sorcorer mainly DPS at VR 4 almost VR5 now.
Eastern Time Zone
  • Darkninja_326
    I'm down if you can find a healer and tank.

    GT: Dark Ninja326
  • TrueGTI
    I just added both u guys, I have a guild and I'm vet11 tank but lookin for form strong dungeon groups. My gt is Gx3 TrueGTI
    Xbox, NA,GT - Gx3 TrueGTI
    Guild Leader • Vet12 DK
    DEVOTED * PvE, Home guild.
    DEVOTED GUARD * DC, PvP guild.
  • Kuvira
    Edited by Kuvira on March 19, 2017 2:56AM
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