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Research new trait

When i'm doing crafting, how can I use new trait? I mean do I need to find a "receipe" somewhere in the game or leveling up my crafting? Tried to figure it out but kinda new to this game and still can't craft except with 2 traits. The one I got at the begining, and another one I got but don't know how lol. Please help :)
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  • BenevolentBowd
    I think you are referring to styles. Styles define the appearance of the items you craft. Your characters will be able to craft the style of their race (eg. Altmer can craft Alter items). You unlock more styles by obtaining "Motif" books. Motifs can be found in various non-food containers around the world, crown store, and guild traders.

    Once you have the knowledge (motifs), you need the style item in your inventory (example, Adamantite, Manganese, Moonstone, etc.).

    Traits are special properties you can add to your crafted items (Training, Sharpened, Exploration, etc.). You unlock traits by going to the crafting station and researching items with the various trait for the various items you can craft. Once unlocked, you will need a trait item (diamond, sapphire, etc) in your inventory to add it to crafted item.
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  • pat_paquet
    Thank you for your time I really appreciate it and it helped me alot. I just have to find some motif books now and start leveling up my crafting :)
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