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[EP] Wayward Sons [PvP]

Soul Shriven
I just wanted to let you all know about an awesome bunch of people called the Wayward Sons. We are just over a month old, but have been growing at a fantastic rate and are lead by a group of people who are dedicated to the game and experienced. If you are looking for a mature group of gamers who like to kick ass and leave the drama at the wayside then look no further. The majority of us are professionals with families who are looking for likeminded people to bond with and have a great time. We are a PvP guild and therefore do not schedule any events regarding PvE (although we do have some members that PvE). We have a TS server and a website.

Apply at wsnation.com or add me @Hipicleas
(Please be at least vr1, if you aren't feel free to add me and I can toss you an invite when you hit vr1)
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